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Strange as it may seem, my first acquaintance with Ayurvedic medicine took place accidentally in 1996. Strictly speaking, I first got acquainted with Ayurvedic preparations, which then came to me in the hands of fate, I began to apply them successfully for my own treatment (you can even say more precisely: with one of the drugs, whose names, of course, do not remember). And afterwards – I learned about Ayurveda itself, as a woman, about Ayurvedic medicine and its long traditions.

And it’s like this: one of my good friends suffered long enough with rheumatoid arthritis. The disease in her aggravated, as a rule, once a year – in the spring. But what an exacerbation! Her ankles were for some reason more amazed, which forced the woman to leave for a long time from the usual rhythm of life, being for the most part at home during the whole period of exacerbation.

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Spring relapse was very noticeable effect ostrym.Obychnaya drug therapy in 1996 did not bring, though she was sick rheumatologist and tried many drugs for their salvation. Even powerful hormone therapy did not give satisfactory results. Consequently, my colleague was under “voluntary house arrest”, moving along the route “sofa – kitchen – toilet” and watching life on TV.

One day, having complained to her on a visit, I saw among her medicines four rather big bright yellow plastic cans with inscriptions in an unknown language. To my question: “What is it and where it came from,” said -on that this ayurvedic herbal tablets that managed to get from a friend of mine, who was married to an Indian student enrolled in the Ukraine. Then I learned that these are powerful medicines made according to ancient recipes only on the basis of herbs and minerals, which it has been taking for a long time, and that this remedy has brought a tangible relief and even allowed to give up hormonal therapy.

Frankly, at that time she could not convince me very much homely there were these pills, which, in addition, combined with my weak faith in the power of herbal medicine in general, a complete lack of knowledge about Ayurveda and considerable skepticism regarding the Indian medicines in particular.

Therefore, I received the treatment effect on the account of traditional therapy, especially hormonal therapy, urging her to continue.

In the autumn of the same year in 1996, I already needed medical help myself – the sciatica worsened, accompanied by a marked pain syndrome. I note that it was not advisable to use traditional anti-inflammatory therapy because of the presence of a peptic ulcer, which could also become aggravated (just the fall season) – then instead of one problem, two would get.

It was at this time that my friend remembered her miraculous Indian tablets, the remnants of which she still had, and suggested that they should be used to treat them. Without much enthusiasm, but rather from the desperation of the situation, I agreed. So much was my surprise – somewhere, approximately, on the fifth or seventh day of the use of drugs, I felt a great relief. It should also be added that the then exacerbation of the disease was successfully suppressed, and the persistent result of the treatment persisted for several years afterwards.

I can say that this event inspired me to draw your attention to the herbal medicine in general and Ayurveda in particular, as the most, in my view, a coherent, comprehensive and logically formulated Therapeutic doctrine.

Our company is a territory of unlimited opportunities, where young, talented and ambitious specialists in the field of medicine and pharmacy have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and fulfil themselves.

To what I urge you, my dear readers! For this purpose, this little brochure was written.

It does not contain the final algorithm of care for all occasions, rather – a recommendation for further razvitiya.Imenno therefore your attitude to the material set forth below may be varied by the (for such is the nature of man) to delicately hinted that the connoisseur of the human soul, the famous painter -Caraculturist Herluf Bidstrup.

Nevertheless, I have the hope that as a result of reading you will have a clearer impression of what Ayurveda is and why it is worth to get acquainted with it.