About Us

About Us


Welcome to company “SHIV-MEDPHARM” which has been operating since 2000 in international market. For the past years , our company supplies medical products to pharmacies and hospitals throughout CIS countries and have own marketing in Ukraine, as well as importing medicines from abroad. During this period, the company has established itself as a reliable business partner.

At present company have its operations in Indian market,through her Indian marketing company “CROWN BIOTECH PVT. LTD” , which is an upcoming and fast growing company in the field of marketing of human health products with high quality in various forms. Our products complies WHO-GMP standards.

WAY TO HEALTH is the main priority of group of companies “SHIV-MEDPHARM”. “SHIV-MEDPHARM” aims to protect and preserve the most important human values - good health and quality of life.

Group of companies “SHIV-MEDPHARM” specializes in the marketing of high-quality medicines as well as food supplements and cosmetic products with natural ingredients. Nowadays, the aim of the company is to benefit maximum number of people all over India with effective, affordable and safe products.


Our mission is to provide high-quality medicines and Ayurvedic products at affordable prices with focus on patients' health and providing solutions to medicinal and pharmaceutical experts with high-quality medical products in accordance with current health standards.

The values that we share are the key to the success of “SHIV-MEDPHARM”:



SHIV-MEDPHARM vision: a constant care about the health and quality of human life by improving general healthcare culture and close collaboration with specialists in the fields of medicine and pharmacy.Driving force of development “SHIV-MEDPHARM” is the principle «The future starts today!». Therefore, in the near future, the company plans to increase new production capacity, expand the range of products and pharmacotherapeutic fields, research and develop new medical products and food supplements, and present the company's products on the global market.


The product portfolio of prescribed and non-prescribed products of “SHIV-MEDPHARM” corresponds to modern trends in medicine and it is formed in strict compliance with the company's development strategy. The product portfolio includes a wide range of medicines and natural remedies manufactured in different dosage forms (tablets, capsules, syrups, dry powders for injection) that allow to prevent and to treat various diseases.


Active marketing department of “SHIV-MEDPHARM” uses the modern methods of promotion designed to meet the needs of consumers and specialists. Successful building brands marketing strategies provide dynamic development of the company in different markets.


“SHIV-MEDPHARM” has united knowledge and skills of talented, ambitious, responsible and initiative professionals. The current staff of the company is a team of like-minded people, who combine long experience and good knowledge base with energy

Our company is a territory of unlimited opportunities, where young, talented and ambitious specialists in the field of medicine and pharmacy have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and fulfil themselves.


The success story of “SHIV-MEDPHARM” is a result of years of hard work of the whole team in the name of health and high quality of life for patients.